DATANOW can provide an independent and unbiased evaluation of your devops team at the process, technology stack, dependency, and responsibility level.

Are you concerned about unintentionally fragmenting a team because you see problems but do not know how to address them or identify the root cause?

Are you sure you have been asking the right questions?


Is the server hosting the new release configured properly?

Are we implementing CI in a structured way?

The server is up and running, but we are having issues.

The team is providing conflicting reports about what is causing inconsistency in the new software.

Are the requestors changing or redefining the scope as our work is in progress?

Who it the authoritative requesting person?

Why are our release dates being pushed farther out (the real reason)?

Who has access to our software source code?

Are there copies floating around behind our back?

Is our code versioning myopic?

Are our release notes trite?

Who is reviewing our changes report(s)?

Why are our builds breaking?

If the person who configured our test environment walked away, what do we do?

Do we have any idea what configuration steps need to be performed to reconfigure in case of a rebuild scenario?

Do we have a document trail of what needs to be maintained?

Do we have test environment configuration audits?

Prove to management that the test environment is properly configured for the new software testing.

Explain why the test environment is presenting issues.

Software testing and deployment

No problems except when “X” happens, but we do not know enough about “X”.

We think “X” is an anomaly or an undocumented bug.

Our most recent build was tested, presented problems, but only on a specific platform.

Testing environment software reports and overall metrics.

How do we validate our testing phase approvals over the widest test cases?

Is the helpdesk ready to support the new features in this deployment?

Oh no, the software failed, we do not have a coherent ready why, and we are not ready for deployment.

We moved the software to production environment but are having sporadic issues.

The new software is merged into the production environment but our metrics are off.

New software licensing database integration issues.

Database logic (triggers, etc.) are ready for test runs before deployment, but our audits show late or no responses.

We have scripts that need to be run securely and across test environments.

Our software is live yet a troubling percentage of users are having problems.

We are simply getting behind in one or more departments and need to get ahead of the problem.

Software released, live on the site, but (fill in the blank here)…

Our live version testing had a serious glitch.

The live software release has been tested, our old reports are fine, but we need to get a handle on certain factors.

Please help us build the right release report to prevent finger-pointing and breaking failure blaming.